June 2015



I am a very big fan of Thai food (Los Angeles’ westernized version of Thai food that is). While in Thailand, I wanted the best Thai in Phuket. The locals that I became friends with took me to the spot. Raya is a no-frills local establishment that had been there forever. There is no A.C. […]

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PHUKET: Coconut Island


In Phuket to get most places, it has to be by boat. This magical island is just about 15 minutes away from the Royal Phuket Marina. One of the locals that I became friends with invited me to his birthday party on the island. I sailed over at sunset to Coconut Island where the party […]

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PHUKET: Royal Phuket Marina//Boat Life


Along my journey in Phuket, I met the owner of the Royal Phuket Marina. This place you guys. It is a beautiful marina with villas, apartments, shops, restaurants and bars. You have to check this out when in Phuket!! As their guests, they took us out on their boat for the day to explore the […]

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While in Hong Kong, I wanted to explore another new place in Asia. I choose Phuket, Thailand. It is just a quick and easy flight from Hong Kong, only a new hours away. THIS PLACE IS A DREAM. Phuket has the same spirit as Tulum, Mexico (for those of you who have been), for a […]

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