July 2015

AMSTERDAM: Overall tips


I have put together a little list of tips that I wish someone told me prior to my visit and also little things that I feel are important to pass along.
1. Rent an Airbnb from Joritt and Dirk (it’s a company IAMBNB that rents over 250 apartments from tenants all over Amsterdam). The check […]

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AMSTERDAM: Bike tips


The only way to get around Amsterdam is by bike. There are a million bike rental places all over the city, but I really liked Black Bikes Rental. The locals ride black bikes and they are more “unassuming” than other bike rentals that give you bright orange ones that everyone sees coming and are like, […]

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AMSTERDAM: Coffee shops


If you are open to weed, you must visit a coffee shop in Amsterdam. I would avoid all of the “tourist” ones that have weird American names like Cheech and Chong etc,. You need to go more off of the beaten path to find the cool ones that the locals go to. They are so […]

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AMSTERDAM: Cool place to get your drink & smoke on


Roest is a MUST when in Amsterdam. Coolest place. It is about a 20 minute bike ride from main center, located on the outskirts of Amsterdam. It’s is a huge indoor/outdoor bar/beach/rope swing into the canal etc etc. It has an indoor area where you can order every kind of Dutch craft beer and food. […]

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Amsterdam knows their cheese!!! Especially the Dutch Gouda! Again, without a plan or purpose, I wandered into this awesome farmers market in De Pijp. There were probably 30 cheese stands, but something drew me to this particular one. I purchased the best Dutch Gouda that the guy had. From talking to me, he asked if […]

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